What is Affiliate Marketing – A Free Virtual Event

Currently, anyone can earn money easily with the help of technology. Most of us usually use the internet to buy any product.

So, many people are interested in starting their business online.

Because of that, businessmen usually make blogs, and websites, or promote their products on different social networking sites to sell their products.

However, one of the most convenient ways is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has helped many people build successful businesses, as it is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

The best way to learn about affiliate marketing is to attend one of the many free virtual events.

If you want to start affiliate marketing, this blog will help you, as we discussed the concept of affiliate marketing briefly and also discussed free virtual events for affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing – A Free Virtual Event

Affiliate marketing is a way to start an online business where people market or promote other people’s company products with the help of blogs, websites, or social media platforms.

In return, the company pays him or her some commission on each sale.

Many companies run affiliate marketing to increase the sales of their products, and they want to spread their products to the general public as much as possible through affiliate marketing.

So, they pay commissions to people who promote their products through affiliate marketing. This helps both the person doing affiliate marketing and the companies.

It is easy to join affiliate marketing and work. Because through affiliate marketing, many people who are engaged in online business can earn.

This is also a better method for those bloggers or YouTubers whose blogs are not approved by Google AdSense.

Many bloggers say that affiliate marketing is better than Google AdSense. Because in affiliate marketing, earnings are higher than in Google AdSense.

Here is the graph of the top 10 affiliate categories.

top 10 affiliate categories

How do I join affiliate marketing?

With the increase in online shopping, people often buy products physically.

Currently, people mostly use their mobile phones, so they are not able to see TV advertisements for newly launched products.

Because of that, nowadays many companies have adopted affiliate marketing, where they advertise their products as well as increase their sales.

To join affiliate marketing, a person should join an affiliate program offered by any company.

There are many affiliate marketing companies that run affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

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When anyone joins affiliate marketing, the company runs an affiliate program that gives the affiliates a graphical banner link of their brand’s products on the affiliate’s blog or website to promote.

The affiliates’ job is to post that link differently on their blog or website. By clicking on this link, people can visit the company’s website and buy the product.

Always remember that your blogs should receive more traffic before joining an affiliate program because if more people engage with your blogs, you will earn more money.

If you have a YouTube channel, then you can also join affiliate marketing. In this, you have to promote products through your content.

Also, if you don’t have any YouTube channels, blogs, or websites, you can join affiliate marketing through other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You only have to create a page and share the link to the products.

Steps to join affiliate programs

First, you have to create an affiliate account on a company website that runs an affiliate program.

If you are not aware of which companies run affiliate programs, then you have to search on Google.

To create an account, you have to give some details like your full name, country, state, email ID, mobile number, PAN card details, or YouTube, blog, and website URLs.

Then the company checks your details. And see how many followers you have on your YouTube channel or other social media platforms.

On this basis, they analyze how many people visit the product that they sent you to promote on your channel. And if they are satisfied with your details, then they will mail you.

After that, you log in to your affiliate account on the company website, choose a product that you want to promote and copy the product link. And post that link to your website, channel, or blog.

From there, you will get commissions from each sale.

Graph that shows the percentage of global traffic sources for affiliate marketers.

Global Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers

Some affiliate marketing programs

Nowadays, most companies adopt affiliate marketing to increase their product sales.

Amazon affiliate marketing programs.

It is one of the most well-known affiliate marketing programs. On Amazon, there are a vast number of products to promote.

And most people know about Amazon products, so affiliates have more chances to get more commission on each sale.

Shopify affiliate marketing programs.

In this program, there are more chances to get a high commission, as they provide a high commission. Affiliates can also make money through upgrades, sign-ups, and other transactions.

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Many more companies run affiliate marketing programs, but we discussed only these two companies.

Advantages and drawbacks of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn a side income online.

Affiliate marketing is low-cost, but it is a profitable business.

As a beginner, you don’t need to be an expert in marketing to become an affiliate. You can do it on a part-time basis. Affiliate marketing has many advantages.

On the other hand, it also has some disadvantages. You have no control over the rules. You must follow your merchant’s rules.

In affiliate marketing, there is a lot of competition because most people know about affiliate marketing and the benefits of joining affiliate marketing.

A free virtual event for affiliate marketing

There were several free virtual events organized about affiliate marketing.

It helps individuals start their affiliate marketing. At these events, experts are giving speeches about affiliate marketing based on their analysis.

They provide deep knowledge about affiliate marketing and how to start it. And what is the benefit of affiliate marketing?

By attending the events, people get an idea of how they can earn money through affiliate marketing programs that are organized by different companies.

A free virtual event about affiliate marketing also helps entrepreneurs gain knowledge about how affiliate marketing is a blessing for growing any company.

In a free event, people can exchange ideas and also question others or experts about any doubts.

As we discussed, many free virtual events are being organized. Below, we will discuss some of the most well-known free virtual events for affiliate marketing.

Some of the most well-known free virtual events for affiliate marketing

As we know, a free virtual event helps us learn about affiliate marketing.

Here are some well-known events that we must attend if we want to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Summit

Currently, it is the most famous virtual event for affiliate marketing. It is hosted both offline and online. In this event, experts discuss recent updates in affiliate marketing.

In a virtual event, they also have an interactive session where people can solve their doubts by raising questions.

ClickBank University

It helps teach us how to become an affiliate marketer. This online conference also provided people with a successful business in affiliate marketing through some training, tools, etc.

ClickBank University also offers free virtual events where they discuss affiliate marketing in different aspects.

Affiliate world conferences

It is such a conference where the best affiliate marketers gather together and share their experience in affiliate marketing.

It is also hosted both online and offline. Offline events are more expensive than virtual events.

How a free virtual event benefits both rganizations and affiliates

A free virtual event can be an advantage for both organizations and affiliates.

An affiliate can boost any organization’s sales. Companies have to invest less in advertising because affiliates do this on their behalf.

An organization has to pay a fee to affiliates only when any customer buys any product.

Affiliates get passive income by promoting the products.

When a free virtual event for affiliate marketing hosts, affiliates and organizations get an idea as well as learn updated features of affiliate marketing.

It allows both organizations and affiliates to stay up-to-date with trends. A company can generate more revenue, and affiliates can earn more money.

It is very helpful to attend any free virtual events for affiliate marketing.

Beginners are also encouraged to start affiliate marketing.

The following graph shows annual revenue derived from affiliate marketing.

Annual Revenue Derived From Affiliate Marketing


Through this writing, you get an idea of how to start affiliate marketing and find a path to learn more about affiliate marketing by attending numerous free virtual events for affiliate marketing.

If you want to earn extra money, then this is the best way. Where you have to promote company products.

A free virtual event will help you gain knowledge about affiliate marketing, so you can take advantage of this and start affiliate marketing. Virtual events also help you stay updated on the latest features of affiliate marketing.

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