Can Digital Marketing Jobs Work from Home no Experience?

Before answering your question, can digital marketing jobs work from home no experience let’s check some stats.

In 2023, U.S. marketing spending surged to $480.8 billion, up 28% from 2019 pre-pandemic levels.

In 2021, U.S. advertising, PR, and related services industry revenue hit $154 billion, representing 35% of total marketing spending.

The U.S. digital advertising and marketing market is now valued at $460 billion, with a 10% growth in spending from 2023 to 2024.

Why this data?

You can ask your friends, office colleagues, or simply search online, can digital marketing jobs work from home no experience.

Every time you will get different answers. Simply because different people have different opinions. In the end, you may become paralyzed by the analysis.

But, before taking action on someone else suggestion, eyes on the data. Because data doesn’t lie.

So, what is the straightforward answer?

And if yes, then what are the digital marketing jobs that you can do from home even if you don’t have prior experience?

Can Digital Marketing Jobs Work from Home no Experience?

The answer is, Yes.

You have obtained your answer with data. But for now, the problem is how to find a job in the digital marketing field that you can do from home.

This question is easy to find out; you can even do it without extensive searching.

The main problem arises when you pursue a job in the digital marketing field with no experience.

But don’t worry, I have found some less crowded categories that you can give a try.

Here are the best 2 digital marketing jobs that require no experience. Every section has 5 more sub-categories.

Best digital marketing jobs that require no experience

I have listed 2 main digital marketing jobs.

As I mentioned earlier, each of these main digital marketing jobs contains 10 more sub-jobs.

The interesting part is, you don’t need to have experience to perform any of these jobs.

Let’s start with digital marketing internships.

Later we discussed about second main job, Entry-Level Remote Positions.

Digital Marketing Internships

digital marketing internships

Why I have to enlist in digital marketing internships in the beginning? Several reasons to do this, but the main four are:

  • This is only for beginners who are fresh or don’t have experience.
  • Most of the time, the company will train you
  • Huge scope for learning
  • Will help to find a new job

So, here are the top 5 great digital marketing internships for beginners that are known for being open to applications with no prior experience.

Social Media Management Internship

A social media management internship is the best job for remote work.

It offers a various range of responsibilities. Sometimes tasks depend on the specific company and their social media needs.

It includes strategic thinking, planning, and many more.

In this job, you have to participate in community management, budget management, and basic analytics reporting.

Where you will find your job?

To find your job in a social media management internship LinkedIn and Glassdoor are the best platforms.

Local Business Marketing Internship

When it comes to a local business marketing internship, there are three main aspects: assisting with marketing campaigns, marketing fundamentals, and communication.

Here, communication is key, so it doesn’t matter where you are doing the job.

Where you will find your job?

To find your job in a local business marketing internship SimplyHired and Idealist are the best platforms.

Community Management Internship

Managing online communities and social media platforms, which are connected with community management internships, are suitable for those who are willing to do the job from home.

Everything is online, so you will not face the issue. But what are the main tasks for a community management internship?

There is no specific task, but sometimes it depends on the community. It could involve building and engaging the community, as well as growing and analyzing it.

Before taking your next step, I suggest you question yourself. May I take a chance?

Where you will find your job?

To find your job in a community management internship you can go with Points of Light and Nextdoor.

You can also do your own research.

Customer Service Internship

A customer service internship typically involves customer support and ensuring customer satisfaction.

These two terms encompass responding to inquiries, resolving issues, processing returns and exchanges, and escalating complex issues when necessary.

Most of the time, companies provide training and guidance to help freshers or those with no experience to develop their customer service skills.

Customer service internships are often ideal for beginners. If you have empathy and a willingness to learn, this job is perfect for you.

The possibility of working remotely for customer service internships is increasing day by day.

Two main aspects driving this trend are technological advancements and the flexibility for employees, which also translates to cost savings for companies.

Where you will find your job?

To find out about job opportunities in customer service internships, you should visit websites like and the company’s official website.

On the company’s website, you can explore the career options available.

Virtual Assistant Internship

In today’s time, being familiar with technology is crucial, especially for this job.

Managing emails, scheduling appointments, data entry, conducting research, and handling other administrative duties as assigned sound easy, but this job requires some additional experience, such as desktop sharing, cloud services, and VoIP.

I am not sure if it fits or not; it’s up to you.

However, gaining proficiency in the terms I have mentioned is not hard.

Where you will find your job?

For these jobs, you can use platforms like Fancy Hands and Zirtual.

Before delving deep, do your own research.

Entry-Level Remote Positions

Entry-Level Remote Positions

In entry-level remote positions, you will find 5 additional jobs such as Digital Marketing Internships. I have begun with social media.

Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant is a sub-category of social media management internship.

Here your boundary is short. Your tasks like scheduling posts, responding to comments, and basic content creation.

I think this is not hard work, and you are lucky if you find the job.

Because when something requires less hard work, you will find more people interested in it.

Why not give it a try to find a job as a social media assistant?

Where you will find your job?

For a social media assistant job, you can find your job on The Muse and

Let’s move to the next section.

Online Tutor/Teacher

Do you have a passion for a particular subject?

Want to share your expertise and make a real impact on someone’s learning journey?

Then becoming an online tutor or teacher could be your calling!

You can share your knowledge as a virtual guide with students, and for sure, you can do this from home easily.

The interesting part is, that you can choose your own hours and work as much or as little as you like.

Depending on the platform and subject, relevant certifications or experience might be required.

No matter your background, the most important thing is your passion for teaching and your desire to make a positive impact.

Where you will find your job?

There are many platforms to find the job and here I am listing some of them.

You will find your job form here!

  1. VIPKID: Engages Chinese children via online English lessons (TEFL/BA req.).
  2. Cambly: Connects tutors with adult learners for language conversation practice.
  3. italki: Offers language tutoring in 100+ languages for native or fluent speakers.
  4. Wyzant: Facilitates tutoring across subjects, online and in-person
  5. TutorMe: Provides online tutoring in a variety of subjects to K-12 and college students.
  6. Skooli: Connects K-12 students with online tutors for core subjects.
  7. Chegg Tutors: Offers online tutoring in various college subjects.

Content Moderator

Content moderation can be a suitable position for you. The nature of this work often allows for remote flexibility, making it ideal for home-based opportunities.

You can find content moderation roles focused on various areas like social media, e-commerce, gaming, forums, etc., potentially aligning with your interests.

What you will do here?

The content is generated for publishing, and your job is to check for all kinds of errors before approval for publishing.

The checking involves scams, errors, illegal, or copyrighted content.

Sounds easy.

But here are some things to consider:

You might encounter offensive, disturbing, or graphic content, requiring emotional resilience and maturity.

You will also encounter repetitive tasks.

But when you are learning quickly and paying attention to details, everything will be easy.

So, where to find this easy job that can digital marketing jobs work from home no experience?

Where you will find your job?

To find this easy job you can search on Virtual Vocations and ZipRecruiter.

Remote Test User

Every day around 252,000 new websites are created worldwide.

And tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of new mobile apps are likely created and released globally each day.

So, how easy or frustrating are those new apps or websites to use?

The founders are seeking reviews to make their apps and websites more user-friendly.

And here, you will take the place of a reviewer. Be a remote test user and provide your valuable feedback.

You don’t need to be a coder or tech wizard.

By providing your honest feedback, you’ll not only earn money but also contribute to making the online world a more user-friendly place.

Where you will find your job?

UserTesting and Lookback are the best places to find out remote test user jobs. Go ahead and find yours.

Online Survey Taker

Have you ever had a few minutes to spare and a burning need to voice your opinion?

If so, taking online surveys could be the ideal option for you!

It’s a flexible method to supplement your income while offering your special insight into product development and market research.

You will answer questions about a variety of subjects, from current affairs to consumer preferences when doing online surveys.

In addition to rating your happiness with goods and services, you’ll be asked multiple-choice questions and, on occasion, be asked to give your ideas and open-ended comments.

Where you will find your job?

There are so many platforms out there. But Prolific and Opinion Outpost will be perfect for you.

Learn and Upskill

In this digital landscape, work-from-home opportunities are growing.

It’s just your turn to find a suitable job for you.

All the jobs and opportunities are available; I have already enlisted them here.

But you can fit into online jobs. When you are ready to learn and upskill your knowledge, every small and big aspect will open up for you.

All the job listings that I have done here are mostly included in sub-categories.

Just think about it: when you upgrade your knowledge of digital marketing, how many opportunities will open up for you?

Maybe you are earning $1k per month, but you can make it 5x or 10x by adopting the main category of digital marketing.

How to upgrade your knowledge?

Best free resources to learn digital marketing

Google itself is the best learning platform.

The sad part is, people often use Google only for general purposes and for fun.

Have you explored Google Digital Garage?

From Google Digital Garage, you can learn the majority of parts which include the fundamentals of digital marketing, from SEO and SEM to social media and content marketing.

HubSpot Academy is another free resource like Google.

Here I am also including some additional platforms where you can learn digital marketing for free.

  • Moz Academy
  • Khan Academy
  • MIT OpenCourseware

After exploring free resources, you can also go for a paid plan.

  1. Udemy
  2. Skillshare
  3. Coursera
  4. LinkedIn Learning


Can someone without experience work from home in digital marketing positions then?

The response is a big yes! There is competition, but there are a number of remote options that are suitable for novices.

Don’t allow your inexperience to prevent you from succeeding.

Examine the available internships and entry-level jobs first, then use both free and paid resources to hone your abilities.

Recall that in this ever-changing sector, lifelong learning is essential.

Even if you have no prior experience, you can still have a fulfilling remote job in digital marketing with hard work and devotion.

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