10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services with Stats

If you have good communication skills and can deal with the public, you have one of the best options for a customer service job as your professional goal.

But it can be challenging because, as a customer service provider, you have to deal with both nice people and rude people.

All jobs indeed have their drawbacks, but building a career in customer service can be a very good option.

In this blog we are going to discuss about “10 best paying jobs in consumer services”
But first, you have to know: what is consumer service or customer service?

Which consumer services job options fit your goals? Because there are many job options in consumer services.

What is customer service or consumer service?

Many people thought that consumer services meant only call centers, but the fact is, it’s not about only call centers; it’s more than that.

If a customer needs assistance in purchasing a product, the company should be ready to support the customer.

Support, e.g., before purchasing any product, customers may have some queries about the product, price, etc.

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There may also be questions during and after keeping the product, such as how to return the product or how to use the product.

So, the company should solve all the queries of the customer through customer service. This can be done both in voice (calling) and non-voice (chat, e-mail).

This is only the basics of customer service; in this service, you have to meet the customer’s needs, that is, what’s the need of the customer from your company.

And try to solve the problem for the customer. By putting yourself in that place, you have to provide solutions.

Now we are discussing different types of customer service.

Types of customer service

There are six types of customer service:

Telephonic support.

The company provides the service to the customer through a phone call.

In this service, customers contact the company’s help center by phone if they have any questions.

E-mail support.

Many companies are not able to give call support, so they offer e-mail service to the customer.

Customers can mail the company for queries.

Live chat support.

Nowadays, this service is very popular. Many companies used to provide this kind of service through AI assistants or human assistants.

Customers also get the solution quickly because it’s live chat.

Social media support.

In today’s world, most people use social media platforms, so companies take advantage of these platforms and provide customer service to their customers.

On social media platforms, customers have to go through the company’s page and post a question about products, and the company used to solve that question.

Customer self-service.

With this service, customers can find their solution.

Usually, companies provide the service by giving information on their site, and customers can find out their solution based on that information.

There is no direct contact between the company’s service provider and the customer.

It is also a time-saving service.

Multi-channel support or multi-channel ultimate customer service. It means customers get more than one type of customer service.

Many companies offer all five types of services to their customers. If any customer is not satisfied with any service, they can use another.

So, customers have many options for their queries.

What qualifications and skills are required for customer service jobs?

This service requires an individual to have a high school diploma as a minimum qualification.

This job is about working with the general public, so you must have good communication skills.

Working in customer service requires you to have good knowledge of providing solutions to customers.

Now, we’ll discuss some of the highest-paying customer service jobs and their salaries.

Consumer service jobs pay well in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, human resources, computer science, etc.

Which opens the path to numerous growth opportunities where professionals can flourish.

10 best paying jobs in consumer services

Specifically here we are highlight only “10 best paying jobs in consumer services”

Call center manager

The approximate salary on this platform is around $34,500 per year.


To become a call centre manager, the minimum qualifications usually required are a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management.

But you need to update with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which is commonly used in this field.

A call center manager receives and makes calls from customers regarding some queries.

Call center managers use their skills and knowledge to guide the customers by providing solutions to their problems with company policies.

This service also manages a vast audience daily by listening to their issues and trying to solve them as soon as possible.

Their main aim is to satisfy customers by providing solutions to their problems.

A call centre manager’s first responsibility is to listen to customer complaints or feedback about any products or services provided by the company.

Then respond to their issues and professionally clarify them.

It is a kind of service where representatives are mostly engaged in listening and speaking with the customers.

So for this service, you must have good communication skills.

call center stats

Flight attendant

This is a high-paying job in customer service with a salary range of $64,446-$99,544 per year.


Flight attendants need excellent communication skills to resolve any situation that arises during the flight or try to calm down a rude passenger.

Generally, applicants must have a minimum high school diploma qualification to be eligible for this job.

Most people thought flight attendants only meant serving drinks and refreshments to passengers.

But the reality is that they are also responsible for the comfort of the passengers.

And they have to ensure the safety of airline crews and passengers.

They make sure that every passenger follows aviation safety rules and responds to any emergencies while on board the flight.

Flight attendants must complete an emergency checklist before each takeoff, including all safety equipment, e.g., fire extinguishers, life vests, and oxygen masks.

Flight attendant stats

Bank Taller

Around $30,639 per year, salary is granted to a bank teller service.


You must have a high school diploma as a minimum qualification to apply for this job.

High qualifications are not required, but they can be beneficial for your career advancement.

Bank Taller helps customers with several banking-related services.

Financial institutions play an important role in our lives. We trust banks for several services, from loan services to any transactions.

Bank tellers come into action for such services.

A bank teller’s main job is to verify customer bank accounts and process money transactions.

They inform customers about any kind of problem with their bank account or other bank services.

Bank tellers can process money orders, currency exchanges, and checks as per the customer’s request.

A bank teller has other responsibilities, such as recommending the bank’s services to customers and solving customer problems.

Medical Receptionist

The average salary for a medical receptionist is about $36,740 a year. Salary may increase as experience increases.


A high school diploma is required for general eligibility in this service as well.

They are the first staff we interact with when we enter a medical clinic.

A medical receptionist is also called a medical front desk clerk. Medical receptionists work in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices.

They are involved in various medical administrative tasks, such as payment processing, patient appointment scheduling, etc.

The main role of this service is to act as a middleman between doctors and patients.

They have duties like guiding new patients and processing payments.

Another career possibility for a medical receptionist is as a patient financial counsellor.

Sales Manager

The average salary for this job is between $61,090-$173,000 per year.


To become a sales manager, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business management.

This service is a highly paid profession in consumer services.

When any company manufactures a product, it needs a sales manager to sell that product.

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The sales manager leads the team of salespersons; they usually create the marketing strategy, how to do the marketing, and data analysis.

A sales manager is responsible for increasing sales for any company. with their strategic decision-making.

A sales manager needs leadership qualities, professional communication skills, and analytical skills. To manage the sales of any company.

alignment benefits

Event planner

As an event planner the annual salary is around $49,470.


A minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree is required to apply for this job.

Most of us are aware of the term event planner.

For any social gathering like marriage, corporate events, shows, etc., event planners play an important role in organising and executing the event perfectly.

So for this purpose, an event management company was hired. Because the event was done smoothly without any headaches.

To start this job, you need to understand this service; it will help to execute an event perfectly.

most common events types by region

Service Advisor

$59,555 per year in salary grants for a service advisor.


Any person with qualification of vocational degree in mechanical engineering or automotive technology can apply for this job.

A service advisor is the backbone for any automobile sector.

Because service advisors generate around 90% of the revenue for any company, and also because customer satisfaction depends on service advisors.

Service advisors play an important role from greeting and meeting until a delightful delivery with a customer.

They have to take basic information from any customer; it will come into action at the time of delivery.

Hotel Concierge

Around $42,928 per year is the salary given to a concierge.


One can apply for this job with a minimum qualification of a high school diploma.

It’s not a compulsory requirement, but with a vocational degree in hospitality and business, it has an impact on job selection.

A hotel concierge is responsible for several activities, which are not only facility services.

Basically, if anyone booked a hotel, then hotel management gives a concierge service to the customer.

Who helps the customer, including services like ticket booking, car booking, etc.

A person was given to the customer by a hotel, who helps the customer in every way.

Account Manager

Usually, average annual salary for an account manager is approximately $58,000.


A bachelor’s degree is required as the minimum qualification of an individual to become an account manager.

The account manager should note that the role requires considerable travel to clients.

Account managers need good leadership experience and good communication skills.

As an account manager, you are the face of a company to customers. You will be the first person they interact with and trust.

This is a post-sales role, which means you will be in contact with customers after the deal is secured.

For an account manager, his or her main responsibility is to take care of all the customers needs. Managing several accounts at the same time.

Technical support representative

For a technical support representative, around $57,555 per year is a salary grant.


A minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree is required. But in this job, anyone with the necessary skills, like IT-related knowledge, can be hired without a degree.

Basically, in this service, the tech supporter’s main task is to provide technical support to customers virtually.

In a simple word, they tried to resolve the IT-related problems of any customer.

Recently, the role of tech support has gradually increased because nowadays all of us have adopted new technologies.

A technical support representative helps or assists customers with technical issues with any products or services.

There are many more job options in this service, but we have discussed some of them with some data in this writing.

This will help you get an idea and get a customer service job.

technical support representative

Is choosing a consumer service job as a career path the right decision?

There are many more consumer services jobs exist but we only examine “10 best paying jobs in consumer services”.

And we get to know that it is a good career path.

If anyone is good at communication and has the skill to handle the general public, then he or she can undoubtedly choose this as a career path.

Most consumer service jobs do not require very high qualifications, so a person can choose any type of consumer service job with a minimum qualification of a high school diploma.

One of the best things about this job is that it is a transferable skill. With these skills, someone can change their career path easily.


As we discussed “10 best paying jobs in customer service”, why is customer service important to any business?

We get a sense that they have a lot of opportunities on this platform.

All types of organisations have adopted customer service to grow their businesses.

And these days, consumer service jobs have become more lucrative. So, most people choose consumer service jobs as their professional goal.

So if you are interested in this type of job, analyse your skills and see which type of customer service job fits your professional goals. And start applying for those jobs.

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